Shop Small Biz is a partnership between CFIB and Interac, two Canadian companies who are proud to support small business owners and who recognize the importance that shopping small makes in our communities.

Small business owners represent the best of the Canadian spirit – they’re entrepreneurs, innovators, job creators and an integral part of our communities. From coast to coast to coast, Canadian small businesses help drive local economies and keep our communities strong.

Every day, in every city, town and hamlet across the country, Canadian small business owners are working hard, creating jobs, finding new and better ways to do things and driving the economy. And they still find time to give back to their community.

Canadians need to know about the important impact small business owners have on our country, our economy and our communities.

Shop Small Biz is an initiative to empower small business owners and to educate consumers about the important role that small businesses play in our lives. We want to empower all Canadians to spread the word about the importance of shopping small.

Join us as we celebrate the importance of small business.

Because if we all shop small, it can make a big difference.

About CFIB

The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) is a proud supporter of small businesses and the entrepreneurs that drive our economy. With regional offices all across Canada, CFIB provides advice and support to help small businesses grow and succeed.

Supporting small businesses is about more than a one-day event. Everyday CFIB works to defend the interests of Canada’s small businesses with all levels of government, it provides practical advice and counseling on business-related matters and uses its clout to provide savings and benefits on services that are important to entrepreneurs.

About the Interac Network

The Interac Network is Canada's only domestically run, coast-to-coast debit payment network.

When Canadian consumers reach for a payment card in their wallets, 56 per cent* of the time they choose Interac Debit. That’s compared against all credit card brands combined. Interac Debit is one of the lowest cost payment acceptance methods for Canadian merchants, at pennies per transaction regardless of the size of the bill.

Consumers across the country have made Interac Canada’s leading payment brand and a home-grown success story and part of our lives for nearly 20 years. From the quick grocery store stops on the way home from work to filling up the gas tank on the way to the local hockey rink and a quick coffee run on route, Interac Debit helps consumers make those everyday purchases securely, with ease and confidence, using their own money straight from their bank account. Now, Interac is making it even faster and more convenient with Interac Flash, the contactless enhancement of Interac Debit.

Consumers can use Interac Debit at over 400 thousand merchant locations across Canada; from convenience stores to specialty clothing shops to gas stations and coffee shops. Check out the merchant locator for a growing list of Interac Flash acceptance points.

Founded in 1984, the Interac Association is a not-for-profit organization whose members include banks, trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, merchants and technology and payment related companies. It is governed by a 14-person Board of Directors appointed annually by the members.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Interac Association does not charge consumers or merchants fees.

*The Nilson Report March 2012