Back in Ottawa for our Favourite Foodie Spots!

Back in Ottawa for our Favourite Foodie Spots!

My wife and I recently decided to move from Markham, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto) back to our home city of Ottawa. Once the decision was made, we needed to inform our three boys. Our eldest, Charlie, was not impressed. Though only eight years old, he had a good little group of friends, and was understandably quite distraught. After giving him the usual reassurances, we had an idea: being my son, he would surely be swayed by food.

And so we reminded him of a few establishments in the Ottawa/Gatineau area that he would get to frequent on a much more regular basis. He quickly came around to our way of thinking!

SuzyQ Doughnuts

Any time we visit Ottawa, we will stop here. If I am in Ottawa without the kids, my unspoken obligation is to stop and drive a six-pack of these donuts all the way back to Markham. While there is a genuinely fantastic array of types of toppings – more on that shortly – the secret to it all is the doughnut itself. If you’ve never had non-quick service doughnuts, you are in for a revelation. The lightness and sweetness of the dough is simply incredible. Back to the flavours: Maple Bacon (with real bacon), Bloop (blue vanilla with Fruit Loops!), Spicy Pineapple, Raspberry Cassis, Cinnamon Toast… Need I go on? Because I can. I absolutely can go on.

Fidélice, Art Is In Bakery, Macarons et Madeleines

While Markham has excellent Chinese bakeries, nothing compares to a true French bakery, with the croissants, chocolatines, coffees, éclairs and macarons…. Fidélice has three locations on the Québec side and is simply fantastic across the board. More and more bakeries have been opening up on the Ottawa side, much to the delight of all, especially given the city’s love affair with breakfast eateries. My boys love a good chocolatine, so I will gladly use them as an excuse for a weekly trip to Fidélice or Art Is In.

St. Albert Cheese Coop, La Trappe Ă  Fromage

Pardon the stereotypes, but thank goodness we’re able to benefit from French affinity for wine and cheese. While my wife and I love the former, my boys definitely love the latter. Specifically, cheese curds are always a hit, which is great, because the St. Albert Cheese Coop in nearby St. Albert, Ontario, produces all the curds you can handle. While there aren’t a huge number of cheese shops, La Trappe à Fromage in particular has a huge array of cheeses with a very helpful staff (and of course, cheese curds).

I think my boys and I will need to get into a lot of sports if we’re going to benefit from all the delicious options in store for us!


Author: Louis-Martin Parent, Director of Executive Operations, CFIB