If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, don’t panic. First of all, the year’s not over yet. Second, you have plenty of options – and they don’t involve buying from an American website. (You know the one.) Here’s what local businesses can do for your loved ones over the holidays.

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23 Dec 2019

If you haven’t already sensed it happening, the year-end shopping boom is about to be in full swing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which started as post-Thanksgiving traditions in the States, have fully landed north of the border.

25 Nov 2019

Shop local for Mother's Day! Here are some great and affordable gift ideas from some of our favourite spots!

23 Apr 2018


15 Sep 2016


Get your free downloadable image here.


Get your free downloadable image here.

15 Sep 2016

It’s happened, folks! The fates of fortune have collided to bring us International Beer Day on a Friday. Friday, the king of the work week!

We suggest you celebrate by rounding up a couple of coworkers or friends and heading to your favourite local pub, bistro, restaurant or even a local brewery!

15 Sep 2016