Let me start off by being very transparent – I hate the cold, and even more than that, I hate snow. So, in February when my best friend asked me to visit her in Barrie, the city she now called home, I wasn’t too thrilled to oblige.
14 Jun 2019
Clean air. Calming green space. Cuddly animals. Fresh produce. Homemade baking. So many things to post on Instagram or Facebook when you visit a farm!
07 Jun 2019
Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood, recognized as "the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian housing in all of North America", has a surprisingly small-town feel despite being located walking distance from the bustling Financial District.
03 Jun 2019
As the capital city of British-Columbia (B.C.), Victoria has something for everyone, so whether you're into an outdoorsy adventure or looking for a low-key getaway, you'll have no problems finding something fun to do!
27 May 2019
Despite being our nation’s capital, Ottawa often has a bad rep of being “the city that fun forgot”, but in recent years, this usually sleepy city has started to wake up and develop a thriving craft beer community.
13 May 2019

Travelling with young children (18 months and 4 years in my case), it is not always easy. Children need to play, run, jump, and scream.Here are five places in Quebec that the whole family loved.

09 Oct 2018
It's a big decision to start a small business!
26 Sep 2018
Oak Island, Big Red’s, gold fever and sand dollars galore!
06 Sep 2018
With its diverse landscape, amazing food and friendly people, New Brunswick is a must stop province for a summer vacation
04 Sep 2018
Prince Edward County (usually just called the County or PEC) is quickly becoming a popular escape for city dwellers, as it’s only two hours away from Toronto and three hours from Ottawa.
27 Aug 2018