At Berrydale Auto, we don't have one specific mission, we have many. We set a high expectation of quality for ourselves and the work that we do on your vehicle. 1: We tell it like it is. You know there's a problem and we are here to fix it. We tell you what needs to be fixed immediately, what needs to be fixed soon, and what can wait a little longer. And we tell you what it will cost. 2: We've served you with justice if your car doesn't get towed in. A large part of our business is preventative maintenance. Most of our first time customers come to us because of a specific issue. Our goal is to repair that problem as well as indicate what problems may arise in the future and take care of them before they happen. Our long time customers benefit the most because they know that to keep their cars and trucks on the road longer, it takes proper care and regular maintenance. Our goal is to help you spend your money wisely.
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