We are Southwestern Ontario’s only design firm specializing in Modern Craftsman design.

Modern Craftsman is our signature aesthetic that mixes modern and transitional styles with touches of iron and wood and historical colour palettes. Modern Craftsman style lends a feeling of warmth and homeliness yet maintains an extremely high quality feel that remains timeless as trends change.

In a word, our style is comfortable.  That’s where our name comfortable dwelling comes from.  It’s high quality comfort without feeling pretentious.  Your friends will know it’s well put together and impressive, but it isn’t overly showy.

We love using colour. The fact of the matter is you aren’t neutral. I can walk into a home that’s neutral and immediately know what decade (or sometimes even what year) it was remodelled because neutrals shift and change so frequently and become dated quickly.

Which is funny, because so often people tell me they want neutrals because they don’t want it to feel dated quickly… yet that’s exactly what neutrals do.
In the 80’s we had black and stark white.
Then taupe and pink beige in the 90’s.
The early 00’s went to a more yellow variation of beige and creams with a French country trend. No one had white walls like were seeing today. It felt “too cold and too stark”.
Then we shifted to the grey trend, the griege trend, and into the white trend. Now things are headed back to beige.  But not the same beige you had on your walls 15 years ago… it’s more of a muddy variation that we haven’t seen in popularity for decades.

We don’t want our clients to have to think about redecorating every 5-7 years when their grey rooms become dated. We seek to create something that showcases your personality. That tells the world who you are. And that suits the style and period of your home.

It’s a formula that stands the test of time.

And it’s a formula that make people walk in and say “wow”.

Now let’s be clear. People think that a designer’s sole job is to make things pretty. That’s only 20% of what we do at Comfortable Dwelling.

Of course we create beautiful spaces like any other decorator. But we don’t consider ourselves decorators. We act as interior consultants for our clients in that 80% of our job is in consideration of your experience and how you’ll live in the space.

Every piece of furniture is analyzed for how you and your family are built. We consider who will be sitting there.  How do they sit.  How tall are they.  Do they have any joint pain.   Let’s be honest, quality furniture is an investment.   And we want to ensure that your investment pays off in comfort and style for many decades.

We also consider how you and your family will use the space. Do you have 60 people over for the holidays? Do you cater those gatherings so you can be present with your guests? If you do, and you’re gathered in the kitchen with family, where do the caterers work? How do they do dishes without interrupting the celebration?

Sometimes it’s not so big as that. Sometimes it’s as simple as you make a smoothie every morning and lugging out that blender is a pain. So can we build a lift-up appliance centre to accommodate and make your morning smoothie a breeze?

We also consider studies and health factors.  Right now there’s a trend towards many LED pot lights.  It looks gorgeous, but many studies have shown that it increases anxiety and layered lighting — even when a cooler temperature of bulb — is far better for our mental health.

There are over 3,100 decisions that a homeowner makes when renovating or building a home.  Our clients often choose us because our process is built to make it easy for you to move through those decisions quickly so as not to tie up the renovation or build.

You can log into our project management system at any time and know exactly what’s been done on your project and what’s outstanding.  Even if you’re up thinking about it at 2am because that’s the only time you have.  Our process is very transparent so that you can rest assured that we are handling every detail from reviewing the initial plans and doing renderings to fluffing the very last toss pillow.

We understand that not everyone is going to need full design to completion which is why we’ve designed our services to help whether you just need some quick design advice or you’re doing a full-scale new build or renovation.

No matter what level of design service you need — either locally or across Canada — it all begins with our questionnaire.  Answer a few questions and if the project feels like it could be a fit and if we have the capacity to serve you at our finest, we will arrange a meet-and-greet call to learn more about your project and get you a quote.

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