RainSoft Ottawa Water Treatment - Eternally Pure Water Systems, Inc is a family owned water company started in 1999. RainSoft has 140 dealers in 20 countries and was founded in 1953. Ottawa has been serviced by RainSoft since 1973. At RainSoft - Eternally Pure we sell service - water softeners, water iron removal systems, sulphur water filters, sediment filters, reverse osmosis sytems, clour water filters, salt remover filters, chemical-free iron/sulphur systems, tannin removers for water, city water carbon systems, well water UV light systems. We will treat city water, well water and chlorinated well water. Lifetime warranty with a A+ rating with the BBB and have won the consumers choice award 5 years in a row. We serice a 150 km ring around Ottawa. Pls view our review on yelp, google and www.RainSoft.homestars.com.