Located in the heart of beautiful Downtown Stratford, Resonanc specializesin casual clothing for women. We know you’re at your best when you feel great in your clothing. In fact, we’ve noticed people seem to come alive when they resonate with what they’re trying on -- seeing your body language change when you’ve found the right piece is so rewarding we’ve named the store after the phenomenon. Resonance...where spirit and style meet. Finding the right match for your personality makes your choice the favourite in the closet. You know the ones; they’re always  in the wash when you want them. We’ve got a whole store brimming with favourites, so when one’s in laundry, you’ll have lots more to choose from.

 You can't go wrong with brands like Lolë, Eileen Fisher, Saint James, sandwich_, NIC + ZOE, Part Two, InWear, Cream, Zilch, Nile, Indi & Cold, Esprit, Zacket and Plover, B.Young, ICHI, Aventura, Toad & Co, FIG, Miik, Smartwool, Erdaine, Message Factory, Vero Moda, Kut From the Kloth, Lois, Yoga Jeans, Fidelity and Soia & Kyo and Søsken.

We stock a variety of price points, and a good size range too, so it’s easy to pick up something special. Finish your outfit with a piece of Canadian made jewelry, hat, scarf, belt or bag -- we’ve got a great selection of accessories to top it all off.

Helping you build a great wardrobe is our pleasure at Resonance; quietly helpful, never pushy, and always keeping your best interests at heart. We’ll help add longevity to your closet using key classic pieces accented with plenty of fantastic fashion items to keep you current. Resonance...where spirit and style meet.

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